SEO - Gilbert Garcia

SEO 12th Annual Awards DinnerMr. Garcia was awarded the Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) Alumni Leadership Award at this year’s Annual Awards Dinner in New York City. Presenting the award was Michael Osheowitz, SEO Founder. Other honorees included three-term Mayor of New York and Founder of Bloomberg Technologies & Bloomberg Philanthropies, Michael R. Bloomberg, and David M. Rubenstein, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of The Carlyle Group. Mr. Garcia is a 1983 SEO alum and currently serves as Treasurer of the Board.

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity is a non-profit organization that mentors young women and minority individuals in the development of careers in investment banking, corporate law, and other leading global companies.

When asked what SEO meant to him, Mr. Garcia answered, “SEO changed my life! I would have never known the difference between Wall Street and Main Street. Let’s keep the doors open!” Congratulations to Mr. Garcia for this incredible honor!

Photos by Rick Gilbert/Skyhook Entertainment
Pictured above: David M. Rubenstein (Co-Founder & Co-CEO of The Carlyle Group), Brian Moynihan (CEO of Bank of America), Gilbert A. Garcia (Managing Partner of Garcia Hamilton & Associates, SEO Board Treasurer, SEO Alumnus ’83), William A Goodloe (President & Chief Executive Officer of SEO), Henry R. Kravis (Chairman of SEO Board of Directors, Founding Partner of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co), Michael R. Bloomberg (Founder of Bloomberg LP & Bloomberg Philanthropies, Three-term Mayor of New York City), Michael Osheowitz (SEO Founder)