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Client Service – Taking Care of Business

Over the past year, GH&A has had the good fortune of adding new clients. This growth has been due in part to compelling returns generated by our Fixed Income team. Our profile also increased earlier this year when we were named Investment Grade Manager of the Year by Institutional Investor magazine. We are thrilled with… Read more

The Grand Illusion

My sons and I were watching TV when a recent concert by the 80’s rock band Styx came on. The band played songs from two popular albums including “The Grand Illusion.” That night, the hit song “The Grand Illusion” was stuck in my head. The song shatters the myth behind the glamour of being a… Read more

Cliff Diving

As the new year finally takes hold, I realize how glad I am to be back at work! People with big families or who had out of town guests this past holiday season, surely can relate. During the holidays, we couldn’t get away from the unfolding drama in Washington. Making matters worse was the dreaded… Read more